OdinPrefabUtility.UpdatePrefabInstancePropertyModifications doesn't work well

Issue #412 resolved
Ivan Murzak created an issue

Odin versions 2.0.X.X (and the latest one too) has partially worked method OdinPrefabUtility.UpdatePrefabInstancePropertyModifications For example, it works when I update the property of the type Transform. But doesn't work when I update MeshFilter[] or Dictionary<MeshFilter, MeshRenderer> fields. Odin just resets these fields to default (null).

Instruction for demo project: 1. Open "Show Case" scene in the folder "Problem 2/Scenes" 2. Select "Odin Test" gameObject, press "Generate" button in the inspector 3. Check the data in "Odin Test" gameObject in the "OdinTest" component

The data blinks and doesn't save. Just field of the type Transform could be saved.

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  1. Ivan Murzak reporter

    @mSkull001 as you wish :D @TorVestergaard sorry for the duplicate. I miss creating the bug as anonymous. With no ability to comment :(

    Waiting for a fix. It's a very important feature for me.

  2. mSkull001

    We actually disabled the ability to create issues without logging in just now. Anonymously posted issues always made it difficult to communicate with our users ^^'

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