TableMatrix not showed in OdinMenuTree section

Issue #429 closed
Paolo Bragonzi created an issue

Step to reproduce:

  • create OdinMenuEditorWindow and add a "section" class

  • put a simplest TableMatrix into "section" class


    [TableMatrix(SquareCells = true)]
    public GameObject[,] PrefabMatrix = new GameObject[4, 4];
  • TableMatrix not showed

If you try put the same TableMatrix into OdinEditorWindow work perfectly. Previous version (2.0.0 I think) work perfectly also with MenuEditorWindow section.

Note: actual version with issue is 2.0.5 but is not selectable in version field.

Comments (3)

  1. Bjarke Elias

    Thanks for reaching out about this one.

    The reason it's not being shown is that Odin shows members based on Unitys serialization policy by default, which means that it will only show members which Unity would serialize, had it been serialized by Unity.

    If you want it to be shown in the inspector, you can add the [ShowInInspector] attribute,

    Or alternatively, you can tell Odin to use Odins serialization policy by adding:

    [ShowOdinSerializedPropertiesInInspector] on top of the "section" class.

    It's a bit annoying, but not sure how we can change this without intorducing major changes.

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