CustomAddFunction in combination with TableList not working

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Rainer Bernhardt created an issue

When using a custom add function on a list via the ListDrawerSettings attribute, I would assume it works with the TableList attribute.

The following example demonstrates that pressing the + button on ListA will not add a value with 2, where in ListB it will add with "2" as a value.

public class Example {
    [ListDrawerSettings(CustomAddFunction = "AddValueToA")]
    public List<int> ListA = new List<int>();

    [ListDrawerSettings(CustomAddFunction = "AddValueToB")]
    public List<int> ListB = new List<int>();

    private void AddValueToA() {

    private void AddValueToB() {

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  1. nick martel

    Still an issue today, just had a little moment here wondering why my custom add function didn’t work.

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