Can serialize recursive class

Issue #438 resolved
Sir Xander created an issue

I have class.

public class AttackCord
    public AttackEnum attackPoint;
    public bool isTargeted;
    public AttackCord[] childAttack;

Inspector for that class looks like this:


But when I recompile code then I can add child with no problem:


but in child nested level I get this error again:


Is this an error or I should do something?

Unity 2018.3 Odin 2.0.5 Whit and without editor only. Windows 10

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    This is not a bug, but how things actually work. You are likely getting a console error from Unity as well, warning of a recursive serialization loop. What you want to do here is remove the [Serializable] attribute from the class, and make sure only Odin is serializing it by checking the serialization debugger.

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