Wording in AttributeProcessorPriorityExample is a bit inaccurate

Issue #443 new
Vestigial Bidya created an issue

AttributeProcessorPriorityExample.cs has some trivial wording errors- On line 24 it says "// It adds a Range attribute the child members of the PrioritizedResolved class." but there is no PrioritizedResolved class, its actually named PrioritizedProcessed.

Also on line 37 it says " // It clears the attributes list and therefore removes all attributes [...]" but actually it is only removing attributes of a certain type, not clearing the list attributes.RemoveAttributeOfType<RangeAttribute>(); which leaves a BoxGroupAttribute remaining, which was added on line 31

Trivial issues but could cause some confusion if someone was looking for a PrioritizedResolved class

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