Odin Inspector slow for StateMachineBehaviour in Play Mode

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Nicolas Regnault created an issue


It looks like Odin has difficulties to draw inspector for StateMachineBehaviour in Play Mode. I have StateMachineBehaviour with custom Odin Editor. This class has some sub class (serialized C# class) drawn with other Odin Editor or OdinValueDrawer. No problem when using that setup with MonoBehaviours (even in Play mode). But it makes Editor laggy when used on a StateMachineBehaviour. Important note : problem occurs only in play mode (so after StateMachineBehaviour has been cloned by Unity). Made tests on a almost empty scene, almost empty Animator Controller.

I cached all the properties in OnEnable using base.Tree.GetPropertyAtUnityPath. After commenting most of the code, it seems that the simple call of the Draw method of a child InspectorProperty is really slow (even if it draw an empty OdinValueDrawer).

I can't share my code sorry.

  1. Unity Version : 2018.2.10f1
  2. Odin Version : 2.0.5
  3. Editor Only Mode is enabled
  4. Windows 10 Home 64-bit (powerful config)

Hope you will have enough details to figure the problem and solve it. Thank you in advance for your support.

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