Why is PropertyGroupAttribute tagged with [MeansImplicitUse]? Could we remove it?

Issue #454 closed
Richard Baxter created an issue

I've discovered that the PropertyGroupAttribute has a [MeansImplicitUse] attribute on it.

I'm not sure what the behavior is in Visual Studio, but in Rider it causes the following confusing highlighting


I'm using the foldout groups to organise code that is old and potentially unused and it's a bit irritating to have them show up as implicitly used when they aren't.

Any chance the [MeansImplicitUse] be removed? If not it would be very kind if you could explain why it must stay (because I find it annoying but I will accept it if there is a good reason : p )

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  1. Richard Baxter reporter

    I understand it for the ButtonAttribute, but BoxGroup, FoldoutGroup, TabGroup, ToggleGroup I feel shouldn't have this

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