InlineEditor attribute should be able to specify the expanded

Issue #46 resolved
Steamroller Studios created an issue

It would be nice if you could specify the default expanded state of the inline editor. Right now, half of them default collapsed and the other half default to expanded.

This is just a quality of life feature.

// expanded
[ InlineEditor( InlineEditorModes.FullEditor, true ) ]

// collapse
[ InlineEditor( InlineEditorModes.FullEditor, false ) ]

// maybe even keep the existing functionality with no parameter specified
[ InlineEditor( InlineEditorModes.FullEditor ) ]

Comments (4)

  1. Bjarke Elias

    The enum is actually just an optional shortcut to the most common combinations of settings.

    You should be able to write:

    [InlineEditor(InlineEditorModes.FullEditor, Expanded = true)]

    Which is the same as:

    [InlineEditor(DrawGUI = true, DrawHeader = true, DrawPreview = true, PreviewWidth = 90, Expanded = true)]
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