Min width properties of TableList does not expand TableList horizontally and are instead ignored.

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mSkull001 created an issue

When using the TableList.DefaultMinColumnWidth property in an area that is too narrow to fit all properties, the DefaultMinColumnWidth is ignored and properties are instead just cut off.

This results in that the properties are essentially missing from the inspector.

// When the area drawing this TableList is too narrow to draw all properties of the Item class, the remaining properties are just cut off.
[TableList(DefaultMinColumnWidth = 250)]
public List<Item> Items;

public class Item
    public int A;
    public int B;
    public int C;
    public int D;
    public int E;
    public int F;

Ideally, the TableList would get a horizontal scrollbar to then fit all of the items.

This occurs in any version of Unity.

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