Simultaneously editing multiple prefabs does not save changes

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Ker Karraje created an issue
  1. What happened? - selected 2 prefabs in the scene hierarchy and changed various values in the inspector - individually hit Apply in the Inspector to save the changes to the prefab - some of the values got stored in the prefab - values which did not get stored where those for which I used an AssetList to load Scriptable objects

Here is an example of such a field: [SerializeField] [FoldoutGroup(INSPECTION_SECTION_GENERAL)] [AssetList(Path = "/_Data/Character/Utils/")] [InlineEditor(InlineEditorModes.GUIOnly)] [Required] NPCNames npcNames;

NPCNames is a ScriptableObject:

[System.Serializable] [CreateAssetMenu(menuName = ("RPG/Character/Utils/NPC Names"), fileName = ("New NPC Names"))] public class NPCNames : ScriptableObject {...}

  1. How can we reproduce it? - Create 2 prefabs - Attach a Monobehavior to it which contains a ScriptableObject in a SerializeField - Add the AssetList property to it - Try editing both prefabs at the same time changing the value - Apply the change to the prefab - Examine the prefabs in the Project Explorer and check if the changes have been applied

  2. If screenshots would help explain or demonstrate your issue, please include these.

  3. What version of Unity are you using? 2018.2.12f1

  4. What version of Odin are you using? (See "Tools > Odin Inspector > About") 2.0.5

  5. Do you have Editor Only mode enabled? No.

  6. What operating system are you on? Windows 10

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