Disabled GameObject bug in AOT generation is back again

Issue #476 resolved
Andreas Podgurski created an issue

We had this before. If you disable a GameObject in the scene, the types used within its components isn't detected by the AOT generator. This was fixed for some time but happens again now. Sorry, if I'm a bit grumpy. but this has delayed an urgent submission by a day now. Easy to reproduce, have types, which are only to be found in one component, disable its GameObject and the types don't appear in the AOT. My project has 68 types with our firmware update popup disabled, 73 and a version working on iOS with it enable during AOT generation. Please, fix this and add some automated testing to prevent this rising up again. Thank you. Odin Version is 2.0.13, Unity is 2017.4.11f1.

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Most mystifying that it managed to sneak in again, somehow - the git log shows the bad code as being untouched for a very, very long time, almost as if the issue was never fixed in the first place. I've not actually managed to track down the source of the relevant change at all. I'm quite perplexed.

    Still, I've fixed the issue again, now, and we are in fact working on a testing suite which will be able to handle the fairly involved tests needed to verify that this is indeed working properly.

    If you'd like the fix right away, you know the drill - send me a mail or hit me up on Discord, and I'll shoot you the build right away.

  2. Andreas Podgurski reporter

    Maybe you never committed the change? You sent me a hot-fix build, which solved the issue and was in use on my side for some time. We haven't done a release since spring, so I updated inbetween. Having no full stable version during this time led to not having the firmware update process in QA in that time.

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