Custom inspectors do not refresh mouse position properly

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Tim Williams created an issue

The method detailed in the manual to create a custom inspector which uses Odin does not properly refresh the position of the mouse for highlighting over elements, etc.

For example, in a non-custom Odin inspector, mousing over a preview field or a foldout will cause it to highlight and display extra content. In custom inspectors this does not happen, to get a preview field to show the "Select" button you have to double click on the preview icon.

I have fixed the issue manually with the line added at the end of the below code.

public override void OnInspectorGUI()
        InspectorUtilities.BeginDrawPropertyTree(Tree, true);

        //Draw some properties...

        GUIHelper.CurrentWindow.wantsMouseMove = true;    //This line allows the editor to update when elements are moused over

It would be great if InspectorUtilities.EndDrawPropertyTree(); updated the value of wantsMouseMove automatically, so that users don't have to remember to call it themselves in every custom inspector.

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