Enum Dropdown serialisation issue in Unity Linux editor

Issue #488 new
Former user created an issue
  1. What happened? Can't see any enum options in the dropdown in inspector or editor windows

  2. How can we reproduce it? Open Tool/Odin Inspector/Serialization Debugger click on "Select Type".

  3. If screenshots would help explain or demonstrate your issue, please include these. error in debugger.png enum dropdown error.png

  4. What version of Unity are you using? 2018.3.3f1 (Linux)

  5. What version of Odin are you using? (See "Tools > Odin Inspector > About") 2.0.14

  6. Do you have Editor Only mode enabled? No

  7. What operating system are you on? Pop!_OS 18.10

Comments (3)

  1. Former user Account Deleted reporter

    I found that unchecking "Use improved enum drop down" solved the issue. but you dont get search features etc. So reverting back to Unity's stock enum dropdown

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