OnValueChanged is not called for non-odin drawers (bug?)

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Igor Lepilov created an issue

I'm trying to use Property.OnValueChanged to check when value is changed from OdinAttributeDrawer, but I encounted an issue: if I have normal Unity's PropertyDrawer to draw field - OnValueChanged is not invoked when value changes.

Is that an intended behavior or is it a bug?

For now, I'm using such worrisome structure to check changes in current property:


if (EditorGUI.EndChangeCheck())
   GUI.changed = false; //This way EndChangeCheck won't trigger in upper drawer
Inside ValueModified I have to either:

  • Call Property.ValueEntry.ApplyChanges() and then do stuff

  • Use EditorApplication.delayCall subscription (with unsubscription if OnValueChanged actually triggers).

  • Pass property's path to owner ScriptableObject so it can do stuff with that data in OnValidate

I don't really like such workarounds. Is it possible to do something about OnValueChanged?

I'm using Odin 2.0.15 with Unity 2018.3.6f1. Editor Only mode disabled. Windows 10

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