Prefab Variant's right-click menu does not have the expected"Apply to *** Prefab" options for individual fields

Issue #511 resolved
Richard Baxter created an issue

I'm not sure if this is a feature request or a 'bug' but it's a problem that is affecting my workflow and is overriding a pretty important feature of Unity's new prefab setup I think.

When using Odin, the right click menu has context buttons for Copy/Paste

Current _ Prefab Variants.png

However, with Odin disabled there are "Apply to Prefab" buttons that are very useful in normal workflow

Expected _ Prefab Variants.png

I would say that the Apply options on a field-by-field basis is pretty important. There are workarounds but it is a hassle to apply the whole Component, go into the prefab editor, or go to the prefab root object (in this case it's a child object so I'd have to select the parent, go into the override menu at the top, select the field, apply that... it's a hassle)

So, maybe a feature request, I think it's a bug since it removed expected functionality of Unity's.

Either way, could we have those options back? :)

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Should be, yes - though I'm not sure when 2.0.18 will come out. Fixing this bug led me into a rather deep rabbit hole by necessity, which saw some much-needed refactoring, optimizations and fixes in PropertyTree's path lookup methods - which were the ultimate cause of the issue.

  2. Jan Hackl

    Hey just checked out and the context menu is still the same (“Apply to Prefab …“ option not there).

    EDIT: also the blue lines on the sides indicating a prefab change aren’t there… maybe this is related?

    EDIT: EDIT: Later found out that the blue line issue was because of a custom drawer, but the right click option is still gone, also for simple types and default editors.

    Will the fix be applied in a later version?

    Kind regards,

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