Abstract component reference is not serialized

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Bjarke Elias created an issue

Reported by Luigi on Discord.

Odin Version: v2.0.16 Unity Version: 2018.3.7f1

Things to note:

Only happens when the class is abstract.

This problem is affecting larger scale, like I did a bunch of data entry, commited the project, and my teamates would have data null. in my PC data was there, everybody else data was null. I cleared the data, did it again. Commited. And now everybody has it.

I am comparing the scene files, BeforeAssign, FirstAssign(the one I lose the reference in play mode), SecondAssign. BeforeAssign is identical to FirstAssign, its like the first time I am assigning and saving, its not serializing at all. The in the ScondAssign file I actually see the serialized data in the scene file.

[10:54 PM] Luigi: repro steps: - Go to New Scene - Remove the NewBehaviourScript component - Add it again - Assign the MbService in both the fields. - Save Scene - Play - You will notice that only the abstractRef is gone, concrete is there

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