UnityEngine.UI missing or incompatible

Issue #539 resolved
Roberto Guajardo created an issue

Upgrading or fresh install of Odin Inspector in versions Above 2019.2.0b3 not compiling.

Assembly 'Assets/Plugins/Sirenix/Assemblies/Sirenix.Utilities.Editor.dll' will not be loaded due to errors:
Unable to resolve reference 'UnityEngine.UI'. Is the assembly missing or incompatible with the current platform?
Reference validation can be disabled in the Plugin Inspector.

Unity Version: 2019.2.0b3 , 2019.3.0a3, 2019.3.0a2, 2019.2.0b1
Odin Inspector: Latest available on Unity Asset Store


Install Odin Inspector in any of the versiones mencioned above

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  1. Warwick Allison

    Doesn’t appear to be fixed in current 2.1 download. But disabling “Validate References” in the relevant DLLs and adding Unity.ugui to the compat layer (needed?) seems to fix it.

  2. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Yeah. Fixed in 2.1, uh… when it releases - we might drop another beta build before then, but I don’t think the release is very far away.

    I can provide a fixed build for now if you contact me on Discord.

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