Nested TabGroups' outer tabs switch positions when changing tab

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SleepyFox created an issue

When creating a TabGroup within a TabGroup, the outer tabs sometimes flash and/or switch positions when cycling through them.

[TabGroup("ModelPartsGroup", "Body Parts")]
[TabGroup("ModelPartsGroup/Body Parts/BodyPartsGroup", "Head", Order = 0)]
[TabGroup("ModelPartsGroup/Body Parts/BodyPartsGroup/Head/HeadGroup", "Head")]

[TabGroup("ModelPartsGroup/Body Parts/BodyPartsGroup/Head/HeadGroup", "Hair")]

[TabGroup("ModelPartsGroup/Body Parts/BodyPartsGroup", "Body", Order = 1)]
[TabGroup("ModelPartsGroup/Body Parts/BodyPartsGroup/Body/BodyGroup", "Torso")]

Tested on Unity 2018.3.12f1/2019.1.4f1
Tested on Odin 2.0.18/2.0.20/2.1.0 beta

EditorOnly mode is not enabled.
Running on Windows 10 Home N Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763

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