AssetUtilities::GetAllAssetsOfTypeWithProgress does not handle duplicated type names in different namespaces

Issue #542 resolved
Stephen Whittle created an issue

When querying the AssetDatabase, GetAllAssetsOfTypeWithProgress uses the type.Name rather than the type.FullName member which can cause the database to return instances of the wrong type. This in turn causes the AssetList attribute, when placed on a List<T> member, to never show any results, because some of the asset GUIDs the database returns are pointing to the wrong type.
changing AssetUtilities:117 to
string[] guids = folderPath == null ? AssetDatabase.FindAssets("t:" + type.FullName) : AssetDatabase.FindAssets("t:" + type.FullName, new string[] { folderPath });
appears to resolve the issue.

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