New context-menu backend

Issue #549 resolved
nick martel created an issue

Currently, it seems the only way to extend context menu items in Odin (right-clicking on inspector members) is through the use of the ContextMenuAttribute. It would be great going forward if a more powerful backend for context menu extension could be designed, allowing developers full control.

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Currently, if a drawer on a property implements the IDefinesGenericMenuItems interface, that interface will be invoked with an instance of a GenericMenu, and can add items to the menu as it pleases, to do anything at all. [ContextMenu] is just a convenient way to hook into this for small one-off cases. So far, this mechanism of extension has seemed sufficient to us, since, if you want to only add menu items to a property without drawing anything, you can set the drawer’s priority to be so low that it will never draw anything (or set SkipWhenDrawing to true), causing it to only exist for such things as the generic menu extension.

    So, unless you feel this could be done better, I think this issue can be resolved right away.

  2. nick martel reporter

    I had no idea! That works perfectly given that the drawer API is already quite strong, thanks.

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