Odin 2.1.4 catches any exceptions thrown withing methods invoked by [Button] and does not rethrow them

Issue #579 resolved
Luka Maške created an issue

I found a bug in Odin inspector 2.1.4 using Unity 2019.3.0b2: When using something like

[Button("Generate Level")]
private void GenerateLevel()
    throw new System.Exception("Test");//This won't show up in Unity console

Odin will not forward this exception due to a bug in DefaultMethodDrawer.cs:240

catch (TargetInvocationException ex)
              if (ex.InnerException is ExitGUIException)
                throw ex.InnerException;

This catches any exception (in my case null ref) and does not rethrow it.

OS: Win 10
Editor Only mode: No

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