Support Serialized Types scan is getting failed

Issue #586 resolved
Ansar KA created an issue

I was using Odin version with Unity 2018.2. It was working fine when I scan the project for detecting the Support Serialized Types. Then I had to update my Unity version to 2018.4 plus I updated the Odin version to 2.1.4. (I deleted the existing Sirenix folder and imported the Package as fresh) Afterwards, when I scan the project and later trying to generate the AOT, the scanning itself is returning an empty list. For verifying if this is any problem with Unity version, I used Odin 2.1.4 with Unity 2018.2. Still, it wasn’t getting any results after the scan. Then I had to manually copy the supportSerializedTypes list from the older Odin version and paste inside the AOTGenerationConfig.asset file (Just a hack instead of adding all these manually from Preferences.). Am I missing anything or is there any workaround to fix this issue? Adding the supporting screenshots.

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