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(As suggested in Discord) (Odin version not relevant)

Say I have some enum called ElementalDamage. I want to display it in the inspector as buttons, like with [EnumToggleButtons], and I want to choose multiple damage types at the same time. Say, storm & fire damage for my sword!

Right now, I can do this with bitmask (Example A). But I want to do this without bitmask (Example B).

I may not want to use bitmask for my enum because:
• Working with bitmask is not as easy as working with collections like lists, sets, and arrays; these have many available methods and Linq support, but enums do not come with any methods besides HasFlag.
• Maybe I am using an enum from a plugin that is not bitmask, so it cannot be changed to bitmask since it is not my code.
• This would be a great ease of life feature by Odin – no more need for bitmasks in Unity if you like to avoid them. The performance difference will be minor anyway.

Relevant documentation for [EnumToggleButtons]:

In Discord, Sirenix suggested a possible workaround for now by using:

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