Addressable assets scan support in AOT generation window.

Issue #599 open
Serepa created an issue
  1. After we changed asset management system in out project to new unity addressables system scanning whole project for supported serialized types is no an option anymore because our prefabs not on Scenes nor in Resourcer nor Asset Bundles folders.
  2. Create new project, import Odin. Install “Addressables” package in Unity Package Manager. Create new object, add new script to it inherited from SerializedMonoBehaviour. Add public Dictionary<string, string> field in it. Make prefab from our gameobject. Select it in inspector and mark it as an Addressable. Open the “AOT Generation” tab in Odin preferences window. Hit “Scan Project” button. Become sure that “Supported Serialized Types” list is empty.

4. Unity 2018.2.8f1

5. About window says it’s Odin 2.1.4 but I updated it in assetstore before import and assetstore page says it' 2.1.6:

6. No.

7. Windows 10 Pro v. 1809 build 17763.864

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  1. Владислав Колосовский

    Is this being looked into? Seems like an important thing to do considering how hard Unity is pushing the Addressable system for everyone to use since last summer. Any kind of work-around will be highly appreciated, because right now we rely on the auto-scanning feature to make sure our AOT builds are working.

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