"Value cannot be null" exception while calling DeserializeValue in Unity 2019.3 could be improved

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Lyrcaxis created an issue


This stacktrace was called when calling SerializationUtility.DeserializeValue<T>(someBytesArray, DataFormat.Binary);

Is it because it's trying to deserialize a Unity Object as a new () ? -- (without having another object to deserialize to)

in which case the error could be a bit more wordy (it makes sense now that I read the whole stack but it wasn't as obvious when I first got the error)


I am serializing a Dictionary<SomeEnum, SpriteSet> which SpriteSet is a Serializable Scriptable Object contains a bunch of Sprite references from the game.

I knew this wouldn’t work out of the box but I thought I was doing something wrong in calling the methods.

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