Asset Selector doesn't show any values when selecting an asset inside a list using classes

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Miley Hollenberg created an issue

Actual version is 2.1.8 but that’s not available in the dropdown list yet

I noticed that when I had values inside a List object the Select Asset window wouldn’t properly show my ScriptableObjects. After some further investigation it seems to only happen to ScriptableObjects inside Classes inside a List. When using the ScriptableObjects on their own inside a Class they work just as expected, same if they’re inside a List but once I have a List of Classes that hold ScriptableObjects in them it stops working.

In the example project I have a super stripped down version of my system with just one of the objects that this issue happens with but it should showcase the bug well enough.

  1. ^
  2. I have provided a project, the Error game object has the Floats Behaviour on it which showcases the issue.
  3. Also provided in the attachment
  4. 2018.4.14f1
  5. 2.1.8
  6. No, all preferences have been left at their default
  7. Windows 10 latest update.

Feel free to reach out on Discord, my username is @MegaMiley#8623 and I’m also in the #odin-help channel frequently

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