Prefab reference lost and become fake null.

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Some prefab references are lost, and shown as None. But if you reimport the prefab, they will be normal.

Then if you delete the Library directory of the project and reopen it, the prefab reference will be lost again.

Our jenkins can’t function normally because of this problem.

Reproduce process:

1.Create a new Unity 2018.4.12f1 project

2.Import the ReferenceLosing.unitypackage in attachments,

3.Select Asset/Prefabs/test01, and we can see some elements in the dictionary and list is null.

4.Reimport this prefab, reference will be normal.

test prefab at start

test prefab after reimport. dictionary size also changed

Unity version : 2018.4.12f1 (also in 2018.4.14f1)

Odin inspector version : 2.1.8 (also in 2.1.6)

Odin Inspector Editor mode : No

OS : Windows10

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