Disclosure Triangle does not expand/shrink the view. However clicking on the Object Name does expand/shrink the view.

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John McElhaney created an issue
  1. Clicking on the Disclosure Triangle has no effect on the Inspector View in the Editor. However, clicking on the Object Name does have the intended action. Unity Editor Interface/UI has clicking on the Disclosure Triangle as the default method of Expanding or Shrinking the view. In this case, Odin Inspector has this action only on the Object Name and NOT the Disclosure Triangle. Currently, the Disclosure Triangle has no UI Action when clicking on it.
  2. Click on a Disclosure Triangle on an object that relies on Odin Inspector for Unity Editor Serialization. The Object View will not Expand or Shrink.
  3. This issue appears in Unity Version 2019.3 but does NOT appear in Unity Version 2019.2

  4. Odin Inspector Verison 2.1.9
  5. Yes, but this issue is persistent in both modes.
  6. macOS 10.15.3

Up to Unity Editor 2019.3.1f1, I thought Odin Inspector was broken because I could not expand the object view using the Disclosure Triangle. It wasn't until I accidentally clicked the Object Name that I realized that it was working.

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