List of object are not working in prefab variant

Issue #639 on hold
Erenyx created an issue

I have prefab with a filed that structure like this: List<List<CustomClassA>, List<CustomClassB>>.

I create a prefab variant of this prefab. But every time I change the value of CutsomClassB.value1 in the prefab variant, it automatically changes back to the value of the original prefab. The prefab variant is not working properly. And the Version is 2.1.10.

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    I am afraid Odin-serialized prefabs are officially a deprecated feature, and you should be expecting bugs that may not be fixed. That said, if you have a clear bug and a simple reproduction case, we can take a look at it. Meanwhile, I’m afraid I have to close this issue for not following the submission guidelines.

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