Adding items to a public List of class is not working.

Issue #642 invalid
Erenyx created an issue

When I have a button to add bunches of items simultaneously to a public list, the list is extended will class of Null but not exactly what I am trying to add. I have to click the button again and again so that the Null would be replaced by the actual item. Also, it is added pages by pages when the list is folded. In version 2.1.10

So this is code for the button and the class and the list containing the class.

After I click the button. This is what I get.

Because I have 42 items, so after I click 42 times, this is what I get, and this is what I expect to have after one click:

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    We strive to provide the best support experience we can, but reports that lack data, details and reproduction steps are very challenging and time-consuming to investigate and fix. Please, help us help you, by following the guidelines outlined while you are creating an issue report in our issue tracker. This issue has been closed for now, but after you have edited it to follow the submission guidelines, please post again in this issue and we will look at it again.

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