Unity 2020.1 Extreme editor overhead when entering playmode

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maxstriebel created an issue

When entering play mode the editor uses an extreme amounts of resources for a few seconds. After that performance returns to normal.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an empty Unity Project with version 2020.1.0b6
  2. Import Sirenix 2.1.12 through the Package Manager
  3. Open the Profiler
  4. Select “Editor” in the “Playmode” dropdown
  5. Enter play mode
  6. Observe that the editor uses a lot of resources and that the menu item text in the editor flickers

Attached is the project, but I think it should be reproducable with the above steps.

Edit1: Operating System: Windows 10

Edit2: Also if the Enter Play Mode Options (Experimental) in the Project Settings/Editor is enabled and the “Reload Domain” and “Reload Scene” are disabled this issue is not observable

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    I had a look, and it appears to be something going awry in Unity’s internals that makes this happen. I sent a bug report to Unity; we’ll see what they have to add to it.

  2. maxstriebel reporter

    @Tor Esa Vestergaard do you have any news from unity about this issue, or do you have a public issue id?

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