Problem with IL2CPP build

Issue #664 resolved
Ahmed Samir created an issue

Hi There, I bought this asset from a while and you have made a great effort on this asset but I face a problem in serialization while building IL2CPP (for android)

the data which saved on 2d array (on the scriptable objects) are removed but when using (mono) it works well I don’t know why

You can find the code sample here:

unity version is: 2019.2.14

I hope to help find a solution because I bought this software for that purpose.

Thanks in advance


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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Have you enabled Odin’s AOT support generation features? Have you checked your error logs in your build?

  2. Ahmed Samir reporter

    Hi Tor Esa, I enabled the AOT and there is a problem with generated DLL, I have reimported the whole project and also I get an error on it.

    you find the errors on these pics

    What should I do?

  3. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    It looks like you’re running an obfuscator, and it is breaking references in the assembly - you should contact the obfuscator developer and ask them how this might be solved. You can verify that the Odin part of the issue is fixed by disabling the obfuscator and trying to build then.

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