Support for AssetReference drawers

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David Rochin created an issue

I think it is important that this becomes one of Odin’s features some day, as Unity’s Addressables Package is becoming more and more used by developers each day.

I’m asking for two things:

  1. To be able to use Odin’s attributes (that you can normally put over GameObject fields) on AssetReference fields. I’m talking about attributes like [AssetSelector] and [PreviewField].
  2. To be able to declare AssetReference fields without the [DrawWithUnity] attribute that we have to use right now for it to draw correctly.

An Odin’s version of the AssetReference drawer would also help, as the built in one is not really good.

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  1. Christopher Reimschussel

    I second this, Addressables are growing and becoming more widely used and having this kind of support would really go a long way.

  2. Kieran Newland

    I’d also like to see this implemented. AssetReferences are incredibly hard to use without some sort of filtering once the project gets bigger.

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