Feature Request: Export to Custom Editor

Issue #677 closed
Daniel Sibaja created an issue

Hey, sometimes we build some cool looking editors with Odin for a video or a plugin we want to submit to unity asset store but we cannot depend on Odin plugin for the tool because that would mean the buyer would need to have Odin too.

The feature would be to export the Odin Inspector result of a class to a Custom Editor using Unity Native DSL for inspectors so we can ship any plugin with the UI that we built using Odin Inspector for regular people usage that do not have Odin.

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    This would certainly be nice to have, but sadly, also in essence utterly impossible to do. All of Odin’s inspectors have deep dependencies on the Odin libraries and utilities and the core systems that make Odin work. As such, all of Odin would have to be bundled along, and this amounts to a full Odin redistributable situation, which is very tricky from a licensing and monetization standpoint. As such, I very much doubt anything even remotely like this will ever happen; at least not in the shape described here.

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