Favorites custom folder's listing cleared when selecting GameObject in Hierarchy

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Geoyeob Kim created an issue

[Expected scenario]

  1. Open attached Unity project as-is. (without installing Odin Inspector)
  2. Change Project tab to Two Column Layout.
  3. Register ‘Assets/Scenes’ folder to Favorites.
  4. Select ‘Scenes’ from Favorites group.
  5. Confirm that ‘Scene1’ and ‘Scene2’ are listed.
  6. Double click ‘Scene1’ to open.
  7. Double click ‘Scene2’ to open.
  8. Select ‘Capsule’ from Hierarchy.
  9. Confirm that ‘Scene1’ and ‘Scene2’ are still listed on Project tab.

[How to reproduce the issue]

  1. Open attached Unity project as-is.
  2. Install Odin Inspector.
  3. Follow steps 2-8 from [Expected Scenario] section.
  4. Confirm that ‘Scene1’ and ‘Scene2’ are cleared from the listing.

Unity version: 2019.4.1f1

Odin Inspector version: 2.1.11, 3.0.0 beta

Editor only mode: Not enabled

OS: macOS 10.15.5

We know this is not a major issue, but it is quite frustrating since we are relying on many custom favorites folders during our development.

Thank you!

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