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Andreas Podgurski created an issue

In my game I have a dictionary with a scriptable object (InputEntity) as key a serializable class (ActionMapping). This worked - and works fine, but as I returned today to edit some data there, the inspector welcomed me with:

“Could not get a Unity SerializedProiperty for the property “Key” of type “InputDigital” at path “ActionMappings.{temp:0}#key”. Legacy Unity drawing compatibility is broken for this property; falling back to normal Odin drawing. Please report an issue on Odin’s issue tracker with details.”

InputDigital is derieved from InputEntity, ActionMappings is the name of the dictionary within the scriptable object “PlatformDeclaration”, Please let me know, what kind of additional information you need in this case, as it seems to be an expected issue to some degree.

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  1. Andreas Podgurski reporter

    Hi, I’m a bit sorry to hear no response. I’m having this issue with all my InputEntity-tables, which is a bummer, as this is a key coding scheme in my game. Don’t know, if this is of any help, but I attached a screenshot from another oocurrance.

    This makes the whole thing really hard to read and I fear to some extend to loose data at some point. Any ideas on this?

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