TableMatrix SquareCells and RowHeight cannot be used together

Issue #701 new
Warwick Allison created an issue


[TableMatrix(RowHeight = 64, SquareCells = true)]

Expected behaviour: the cell width and height are determined by the RowHeight.

Actual behaviour: the RowHeight is ignored.

For a narrow matrix like [4,20], SquareCells leads to giant cells.

Ideally, a max square cell size would also solve the problem.

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  1. Antonio Rafael Antunes Miranda

    This is intended behaviour, although a bit confusing. Setting SquareCells to true means that Height == Width so the width is effectively overwriting the height you set in the RowHeight parameter. I do however also think that it’s a bit confusing so I’m gonna change this ticket to an enhancement ticket, and keep it open for future reference. In the meantime you should be able to get the desired effect by limiting the width of the matrix since that will also change the height. This can be done by wrapping it in a HorizontalGroup and setting its width parameter for example.

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