Reorder for list and array is not working

Issue #724 resolved
Guang Han created an issue

I’m using Unity 2020.2.b14, Windows 10.

When I tried to drag&drop an element from a list (on a scriptable object), not only the action did not work, but I lost the element also.

Please help.

P.S: the list name contains Chinese characters.

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  1. Jean-Denis Boivin

    I have the same issue on “2020.2.0f1”

    I can’t reorder any elements in List or Array.

  2. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    This is a known issue caused by Unity that it would be very difficult for us to work around (they just stopped updating the current mouse position during certain drag operations). We have been in contact with Unity and they stated that they have fixed this as of 2021.1.0a6, and they are working on backports to earlier versions like 2020.2. We don't know when said backports will arrive, but try updating your Unity versions to the latest you can and they might already be there.

    Edit: Seeing 2020.2.0f1 is the latest 2020.2 release, it seems Unity has not yet managed to backport this fix. Meanwhile we are quite strapped for options - fixing this on our end would not be very feasible. It would be extremely involved and fragile, and would probably cause more issues than it solves. We would likely have to extract the current mouse position with OS-specific libraries and then have to correct for current window position, UI scaling, and so on.

  3. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    It looks like I have to eat my own words. I went in and spent a few hours digging extra deep into the root of the problem, looking for any solution, and I found a method by which we can bypass/mitigate Unity’s error with missing mouse position data during drag and drop operations.

    I've fixed this issue from Odin's side. We're testing the fix across several Unity versions now, and will release a new patch that contains the fix later today, or some time during the weekend at the latest.

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