PropertyRange and OnValueChanged combined don't send a callback when slider hits the end

Issue #725 closed
Aayush Sabharwal created an issue

I have PropertyRange and OnValueChanged on a float variable, and it sets a UI slider. Sticking the slider to either end doesn’t send the final callback corresponding to the max/min value of the slider

A mockup of the code I have:

[OnValueChanged("@TestFn()"), PropertyRange(0f, 10f), ShowInInspector]
private float testfloat;

public void TestFn()

Dragging the slider to either end should work to reproduce this. The max and min values aren’t logged.

Unity 2019.3.6f1


Windows 10

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  1. Antonio Rafael Antunes Miranda

    I cannot get that to reproduce on my end using your provided versions. If you have any additional information feel free to share it.

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