ValueDropDown reverts to IsUnique upon interacting with dropdown values

Issue #728 resolved
Cursed Toast created an issue

Problem: Create a list and apply the ValueDropDown attribute. Add some data. Now select a dropdown of an item previously added to the list. Now go back to the “+” button to add a new item to the list. You’ll see the list is treated as if IsUnique = true.

You can still add duplicate items to the list (the desired result) but if you ever interact with a dropdown of an item already added to the list, the bug gets triggered.

The following code is used in a fresh script just to test:

public string[] testArray = new[] {"Test", "Another Test", "123"};

public List<string> testList;

Unity 2019.4.14 (LTS)

I do not have Editor Only mode enabled.
Windows 10 Home.

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