Odin isnt saving its own prefs (Editor Types/User Types)

Issue #73 resolved
Former user created an issue

As odin has broken many of our custom editors I have disabled it for all existing user types.

But that info isnt saved.

I have to re set it every time unity reloads. I am using perforce integration, so maybe some file isnt being checked out. (I tried checking out/making read write the whole of the config folder, still no luck)

Where would odin save this info if it was working? So I can at least check the file is read write..

Am having to delete odin from our project :(

btw version is but bug report only goes to

Unity 5.6.0.p1 (most recent few anonymous bugs are from me all using same version)


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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard
    • changed status to open

    That's odd - this issue shouldn't arise in isolation. Out of curiosity, do you ever receive any warnings about Odin being unable to load config assets? And are you using forced text serialization in your project settings?

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