Extreme Editor Performance issues when viewing components that have prefab overrides in a scene.

Issue #733 open
Ryan Murphy created an issue

Bringing this over from Discord. Username Dracko22.

I am experiencing extreme slow down in editor on some components I have with many Odin rendered frields. Performance issues seem more common with lists being rendered. I have narrowed the performance issues down to If a Prefab is in a scene, AND the prefab has many modifications the editor becomes unusable when that object is selected and the inspector is rendering.

Unity 2019.4.16

Odin 3.0.1

OSX 11.1

I am not in Editor only mode

This issue has been around since early 2019 versions of unity and 2.0 version os Odin. We just now isolated it to editing components with Prefab Overrides in Scenes. To be clear this is an editor render performance, not a bug about prefab overrides not serializing properly, I know there are still some missing areas of support around that.

I believe to repro you would

  1. Create a prefab with components rendered by odin that have multiple fields including lists of objects
  2. Place the prefab in a scene
  3. Make many edits to the prefab in the scene but do not apply them to the prefab
  4. Note editor degregation

Here is an example of what I am talking about. The editor runs at about 1 fps or lower just sitting here, not interacting with anything.

Deep profile while in this state.


Here is a screenshot of a component that has many overrides that when view leads to bad performance and is what was viewed during the deep profile above. Also a sample screenshot of it in an endless list of prefab modification calls

This issue makes Odin pretty unusable inside of scenes and we have refactored much of our logic to try to work around these issues including making a custom class that allows us to turn on and off Odin on specific components while editing.

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