Property context menu not working properly

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Ruchir raj created an issue

The main problems I’m facing is:

→The right-click menu for each property doesn’t work with the native unity right-click menu for each property, for ex, if I copy a vector3 from a custom class for which Odin is enabled, I can’t paste it into the position field of a transform which isn’t using Odin !!

→For the preset system, I can’t get the Exclude property option as shown here :

→Some other options are also missing like in the case of prefabs as shown in these pictures:

You can see one of the option is missing and this is present in some other cases too, which forces me to go and manually turn of ODIN each time I need these options and then turn it back on

This is a major concern for me and I don’t know how it went unnoticed for such a long time!

I’m using 2021.1 b2 if it’s relevant but this is present for every version as far as I know


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