Using TableMatrixAttribute, how can I display the table flipped vertically?

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Michael Ryan created an issue

The standard table orientation places [0,0] at the UPPER-LEFT.

I have a dataset that, when drawn, should be oriented with columns drawn left-to-right and rows drawn bottom-to-top. Element [0,0] should be that the LOWER-LEFT of the table. This orientation is like what a bitmap would use with the first row being at the bottom and the last row at the top. This orientation also coincides with Unity’s standard 2D Cartesian coordinate system with +X flowing to the right and +Y flowing up.

I am requesting a flag that allows the table to be drawn with the first row at the bottom (i.e., FlipVertical = true), although a solution that would allow other orientations may also be useful for other cases. For example, adding FlipHorizontal = true to reverse the columns, or perhaps an Origin or Orientation parameter that takes an enum.

Origin Columns Rows
UpperLeft Left-to-Right Top-to-Bottom Current behavior
UpperRight Right-to-Left Top-to-Bottom
LowerLeft Left-to-Right Bottom-to-Top My need
LowerRight Right-to-Left Bottom-to-Top

I would assume that a table could be both transposed and still have one or both axes flipped, since they really do separate things.

Note: This very request was made a while ago, and it was marked “resolved”, but it was never actually addressed. I assume there was a misunderstanding regarding the original request and the reporter never followed up.

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