'TypeInfoBox' displays subclass type info twice

Issue #756 new
Tim Conkling created an issue

I have these two classes:

[TypeInfoBox("Something that can be consumed (e.g. by a Bloodhound).")]
public class Edible : MonoBehavior { }

[TypeInfoBox("XZ-downscales a BloodSplatter's particles as its Edible health goes to 0.")]
public class BloodSplatterEdible : Edible { }

The inspector for BloodSplatterEdible duplicates its own type info, instead of showing both type infos. (FWIW, my preference would be to omit the parent class' TypeInfoBox, and just show the child’s. The Child’s type info will always be relevant, and the parent’s may not be.)

Project details:

  • Unity 2020.2.4f1
  • Odin Inspector
  • Odin’s Editor-only mode is enabled
  • macOS Big Sur 11.2.1

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