Some custom inspectors are being overlooked

Issue #76 resolved
Geoff Dupuis created an issue

I'm using Unity 5.6.0f3 and OdinInspector

It's great that you're determining what is being drawn already and ignoring those types; most of the NodeCanvas stuff has been caught, but some of the objects haven't been recognized as having a custom editor.

For instance, they have a component called FSMOwner which inherits from an abstract class called GraphOwner<T>, which itself inherits from another abstract class called GraphOwner. The custom editor for FSMOwner is actually being defined for the topmost abstract class, GraphOwner. You're not capturing that FSMOwner is being drawn by the inspector for the parent class. See "MissingFSMOwner.PNG".

I've included the class hierarchy in "ClassStructure.png"

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