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Issue #79 resolved
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Version: Unity: 5.6.0f3

Editor is really slow, if you use Odin on a List with 10000 entries. Even when folded. I would have assumed, that you get better performance by grouping the list into tabs. It seems, that it always loads the complete list.

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  1. Sebastian Wolter

    ....forgot to say, that the peak is occuring, when you select the GameObject or switch between the tabs of the list.

  2. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    There are a few things we can probably do to optimize Odin for such cases of massive amounts of data being present in an object. These are not outright simple in nature, however, and we'll have to take some time to vet most of the possible optimizations very carefully, to ensure that no subtle bugs occur. We will however make a point of looking into it - there are a few possibly low-hanging fruits to investigate.

    Meanwhile, our advice would be to disable Odin for types with those kinds of data processing demands, so that they can be drawn using Unity's more limited but faster editor approach. You can do this in the editor types preferences at Window -> Odin Inspector -> Preferences -> Editor Types.

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