Support NetworkBehaviour from MirageNet

Issue #810 closed
Marvin Lee Fimmel created an issue

Hello, I am using Odin in a multiplayer project where I am currently switching from Mirror to MirageNet. Sadly the MirageNet NetworkBehaviour is not supported, which is a really annoying issue. I am unable to really edit my project since I heavily lean on Odin to setup my objects. Attributes like OnValueChanged and OnCollectionChanged especially.

Things like a SerializedNetworkBehaviour would be nice, but aren’t important for me currently.

I know MirageNet type support will stay the same, it is just about the inspector. Since MirageNet is a fork of Mirror, maybe the solution of #129 can be adapted.

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  1. Marvin Lee Fimmel reporter

    Closing this issue because I wasn’t able to work on the project in this state and swapped to MLAPI from Unity, which is also not supported, but works with a little workaround. I’ll open another issue for that, since it will be THE official networking solution by Unity, it may makes sense to support it anyways.

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