A big issue!!! 'EveryThing' of LayerMask will be changed to 'Mixed'

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Tian Sheng created an issue


我在使用Odin时,碰到了一个非常严重的问题!在针对 Unity 的 LayerMask 的时候,会自动改变 LayerMask 的 m_Bits 的值,请看以下截图:

相当于自动将二进制数 4294967295(11111111111111111111111111111111) 改为 538427191(100000000101111011111100110111)。

这是非常严重的问题,并且导致了后续添加 Layer 的时候,无法兼容。

并且已经存在的 UI 预设的文件信息,均会自动改变!

发现这个问题的时候,是通过下图组件检查到的,目前只有通过 Disable Odin In InSpector 的方式才能解决,请问有无其他方式?


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  1. Tian Sheng reporter


    I also sent an email. Due to the time difference, please send another email if there is any reply!

  2. Antonio Rafael Antunes Miranda

    Hey Tian, sorry for the late reply. We’ll look into it 🙂

    To clarify what is happening for future reference:

    While using Odin and selecting the Everything option, all existing layers will be set and the title will be shown as Mixed...
    Newly created layers should automatically be selected since Everything _was chosen, that's also Unity's default behavior.
    Odin doesn't treat it as
    Everything _though instead it's treated as select all current options.

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