Copy&Paste via Drag&Drop

Issue #84 open
Björn von der Osten created an issue

It would be great to be able to copy&paste values in the Inspector window by using a hotkey (i.e. ctrl) and then just drag from the source and drop on the target.

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  1. Bjarke Elias
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    Thanks for the suggestion, and we've actually talked a bit about it as well. However personally i would be annoyed by this. I often start dragging a list element by mistake because the entire property works as a drag handle, which i do think is convenient for list-elements. But if this behaviour was enabled for all properties, I personally would find it a bit too much. To avoid this you could introduce a drag-handle on each property. But we want to keep things clean and familiar.

    I'll leave the suggestion open for discussion.

  2. Björn von der Osten reporter

    Yeah, I think Drag&Drop to copy/paste should only be enabled while holding a modifier key like ctrl. That way everything would still behave as it does now and the drag&drop stuff would only be "optional".

  3. Tarocco

    This has been added to Odin, but I don't know in which version it was added. In Odin, I can copy list elements by holding control and moving them around (cursor drag-and-drop).

    #117 is a related issue about moving/copying items between inspectors.

  4. Bjarke Elias

    I understood Björn suggestion as something that would work not only for list elements but for all properties.

  5. Tarocco

    @Bjarkeck Reading Björn's description again, I see what you mean. And as you explained, that kind of behavior is not very intuitive or common in UI/UX as far as I'm aware, and might be just as accident-prone as it would be convenient.

  6. Björn von der Osten reporter

    I don't think it would really be accident prone since drag&dropping while holding shift is not something you normally do in the inspector. I know that behavior from Advanced Inspector and it really is a big time saver.

  7. Tarocco

    I've been using LS Advanced Inspector too and somehow I didn't even know it did that! Thanks @froghut -- good to know this.

    There are a couple of instances where copying/moving between a single item field and an array/list element with mouse+modifier key would be pretty helpful, I think.

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